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Pedro's Pride Alpaca Ranch, LLC provides consulting, sales, breeding services, boarding and other services to small farms and ranches.

Pedro's Pride Alpaca Ranch, LLC, is a founding member of the Alpaca Marketing Group, dedicated to providing strong, responsible support for area hobby and retirement farms.

Pedro's Pride Alpaca Ranch, LLC, is recognized as having outstanding quality bloodlines, excellent customer support and a safe, peaceful home for alpacas.

Pedro's Pride Alpaca Ranch, LLC, provides ranch tours and special events in association with other ranches in our area, providing fun, comfortable opportunities for people to spend time with alpacas, learn about investment opportunities and what is involved in raising, breeding and selling these fantastic animals.

Pedro's Pride Alpaca Ranch, LLC, openly shares the factual information you need to make an informed decision on livestock for your small farm or to expand your existing alpaca herd.

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Pedro's at the Panida Theatre, 300 North First, Sandpoint, Idaho.

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